Articles and Ideas

  • Smart Persistence
    Persistence is multi-dimensional. there are an infinite number of things you can change about how you approach any problem. Try. Change Something. Try again. Change another thing. Iterate Iterate Iterate…..Success!
  • Learning vs Delegating
    Pretty cool decision tree around “Should I learn this or just contract it out”. I personally think you should learn it a bit, if only to learn how much you don’t know.
  • Your True Value to your Customer
    Brilliant analysis of true value, why customers hire consultants or freelancers. Hint: It’s not because of your elegant feature set.
  • Stay Social, Even when Stupidly Busy
    It’s super important to keep meeting up with people for coffee or drinks, even when stupidly busy. The free exchange of ideas, leads on work, advice and encouragement. Incredibly necessary.
  • Review your Rates – It’s a Changing World
    Our world, clients, methods and skills are constantly evolving. So our rates should also come under regular review. Not an easy topic to tackle with customers though.