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Plan your schedule, track projects, and master your time management. MyTimePA was built to help contractors and consultants spend less time tracking their hours and more time on the work they do best.
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Intuitive features to help indie professionals work smarter

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Calendar Hub
Our calendar hub quickly and easily merges all of your calendars into one, giving you a bird’s eye view of your events, commitments, and conflicts.
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Time Tracking
Time Log is your time management cockpit. By automatically tracking time spent on calendar events or various desktop apps, Time Log lets you manage your day on autopilot.
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Productivity Insights
Our activity reporting gives you data-driven insights on your productivity, all tailored to your unique objectives.

A world of smart productivity awaits.

MyTimePA was built specifically for the modern solopreneur: consultants and contractors who want to make the most of their work lives. We know firsthand the rewards of striking out on your own and chasing this career path, but we’ve also felt the daily frustrations of running a business solo.

We’re driven to help you easily manage your time while achieving your personal and professional goals. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing productivity tools while using Machine Learning to automate the grunt work, all so you can keep loving the work you do.

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